1. Download the compressed folders to your phone using the links provided, they will have the name of the purchased collection (Warm Collection, Vintage Collection and Earth Collection) .

2. You don't need to unzip or open the files. Just download the compressed folders.

3. Open the Lightroom Mobile application and select any photo to edit.

4. Go to Presets and click on the 3 dots ***

5. Click on Import Presets and browse to the folder location (usually in the Downloads folder).

6. Select the folder with the Presets, you will see the warning that the Presets are being imported.


If necessary, repeat step 4 onwards for each of the 3 folders.

Watch the demo video below:


1. Download the presets we send by email (check the spam folder if you can't find the email) or from the checkout page, then download the FREE "Lightroom CC" mobile app from the app store.

2. Select the "Mobile" folder. In the window that opens, you will see DNG files (which are predefined). Click on each one to download

3. Click more

4. In the bottom right corner, tap "••• More", then tap "Share", tap "Lightroom" (DO NOT Copy to Lightroom) and tap "Launch Lightroom now". The .dng files will now be automatically imported into Lightroom.

* Not seeing "Lightroom"? then swipe right to the end and tap "••• More", add "Lightroom" from the list and repeat "step 3".

5. In the "Lightroom Mobile" app, go to your recently added content and tap "•••" in the upper right corner, tap "select" and choose all dng files from the specific presets you just imported and tap "Add to" in the bottom left corner. Touch "+" in the upper right corner and click "Album" at the bottom. Now give the album the name of the predefined collection. Touch "Add" in the upper right corner. (This step will help you to organize your presets).

6. Open the Lightroom Application and select the ".dng" files with the Presets.

7. Then tap "••••" in the upper right corner and tap "Create preset", give the Preset a name and add it to a folder. Repeat step 6 onwards for the other Presets.

Watch the demo video below:



1. Download your presets from the checkout page or from the email we sent (check the spam folder if you can't find the email).

2. Open Lightroom Classic CC 2019

3. Go to the presets tab and click "+"

4. Click "Import Presets" and browse to the presets you just downloaded.

Watch the demo video below:



1. Log in to Lightroom and click Edit at the top (next to the File) on a PC or Lightroom, then Preferences on a Mac.

2. Scroll down to Preferences and click on it.

3. There will be a new screen that pulls up. There will be six tabs at the top, click on Presets (second tab).

4. Click in the box titled, Show Lightroom presets folder.

5. Double-click Lightroom.

6. Next double-click on Develop folder presets.

7. Copy the contents of the "Desktop" presets folder "Older LR versions" found in your download, in the "Develop presets" folder. Download the presets on the checkout page or from the email we sent (check the spam folder if you can't find the email).

8. If Lightroom was open when you copied the presets, you will have to close and restart it.


In the Menu bar click on “File” and click on “Import Profiles & Defaults”. Then browse to the folder with the .xmp files.

That is all!

Your presets will appear in the "Presets" section in Adobe Lightroom CC and will also sync with the Adobe Lightroom Mobile App for iOS and Android and can also be found in the "Presets" section.

* NOTE: Presets will only be synchronized if you are signed up for Adobe Creative Cloud.